Dammit Cino, You’re Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

So you know how sometimes you feel like your cat does something ridiculously obnoxious and you’re sure he’s doing it for no other reason than to spite you, big cats do that too. The lions are especially bad about it. They can all be a bit naughty, but the little bugger Pacino was the bane of my existence today.

I was working in the large animal side of the compound today. The keeper I was with was shifting everyone to there smaller spots so we could clean their main enclosures and give them their food and one of our last stops was a spot where one can enter one of 3 lion dens. The impatient Pacino was in one of these dens. He had already been shifted into his smaller space. Unfortunately for us, due to the massive storm we had last night, Cino had a roughly 5ft by 2ft essentially pond of water about 6 inches deep. He was running around in it splashing all of us in disgusting muddy water. Lucky for me I didn’t get too much of it, but not all were that lucky.

So besides being doused with muddy rain water, today wasn’t too bad. Except the chickens maybe. That wasn’t so great. My family enjoys the outdoors as much as anyone but we have never been big into hunting or fishing or anything of that sort. So I wasn’t too happy about getting to inspect chickens from head to toe looking for rotting meat to cut off. And I absolutely did NOT like cutting the bottom off and gutting it. In the past 12 hours I have been more intimately acquainted with a chickens internal organs than I ever care to be in my life. Good thing I have a pretty strong stomach.

Quite honestly the only bad part about it was the smell. The rest was actually kinda interesting, even if somewhat bloody. I did find an egg inside of a chicken so that was exciting. It was also pretty cool a few hours later when I (attempted) to launch said chickens over a 30 foot fence to Ra and Thomas. I’m more than tempted to think they hate me now because they believe I was purposefully taunting them for the number of times I tossed their food into the air and it did not fall in front of them.

So that’s mostly all for now it was a pretty cool day, I helped with a lot of construction type things and drove around in the back of a pick-up truck (I felt pretty southern not going to lie) got pretty sunburnt and such. I’m very much excited to go again the next few days.

Dammit Cino, You’re Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

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